A Fully-Equipped Rental Studio for Motion Pictures & Photography

Welcome to 276 | Sterling Studio, Toronto's best boutique production studio. We have a wide selection of cameras, lighting, cam locks and grips. We have green screens, blue screens, a sound stage, cyc-wall, pre-hung spacelamps

Our studio, located in the west-end of Toronto, features three-phase power, a dedicated studio manager, support staff, kitchen, two bathrooms and all the accessories for a stress-free production, whether for stills or motion picture.

Everything you need for an awesome production neatly organized & under one roof.

We have the space, equipment & support staff you need to make
any production turnkey.

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Features & Specs

  • 45’ x 20’ Cyc-Wall with Cove
    (left hand return)
  • Industrial Rigging Grid
  • 3-phase Industrial Power with Cam-locks
  • 15.5’ ceilings
  • Cement Floor
  • Sound-Proofed
  • Ground Floor Load-in Door (drive-in access)
  • Parking for 20+
    (overnight available)
  • Client Lounge:
    with video feed monitor, Wifi, & printer
  • Separate Make-up & Wardrode Room:
    with change area, steamer, iron & board,
    and 2 rolling racks.
  • Full Kitchen:
    stove, fridge, dishwasher, coffeemaker,
    microwave, toaster, platters, plates,
    bowls, cups, cutlery, etc.
  • 2 Bathrooms, 1 Shower
  • Studio Manager included
  • On-site Production Kit:
    2 Hollywood director's chairs, tables and
    chairs for 25+, steamer, 2 rolling racks,
    trash/recycling bins, brooms and mops,
    coffee maker, toaster, microwave
    sandwich board, Shopvac, Bose iPod
    speaker dock, Mag-liner dolly truck,
    printer, and Wifi.




RED Epic Dragon Sensor Pro I/O Bundle - $2100/day:

This bundled kit includes everything you need for a day of shooting on the Red Dragon. No more worrying about the extras! This is the perfect package, complete with a great price (call that the cherry on top)!

On in-studio shoots the RED One body is available as back-up or second body. 


* This kit is available with the RED One Body for $1000/day.

Bundle Includes:
-Red Epic Dragon Camera body
-Red Pro Primes Kit (18,25,35,50,85,100mm F1.8)
-Pro I/O Module
-Ronford Legs Kit (Standard, Baby, & Spreader)
-Mitchell-Miller Ball Adapter 100MM,
-Miller Arrow 55 Fluid Head,
-Mitchell Hi & Low Hat
-Follow Focus Focus 4
-Arri MB-18 4x5.65 Matte Box & 21 Premium Filter Kit
-On-board Monitor
-Panasonic 17" Monitor
-Red Media Kit (2 x card readers & 4 x 64GB Red Cards)
-Red Brick Battery Kit, V-Dock, & 6x Red volt with extender module
All other peripherals also included ex. rods, cables, dovetail plate, etc.

RED Dragon Body Kit

RED Epic Dragon Sensor Body Kit - $1700/day:

This is the Epic Dragon Kit with a few basic accessories. Here's what comes included:

Body & Brain Components:

1x Body/Brain X Sensor
1x Pro I/O Module
1x Redmote
1x Side Handle
1x SSD Module
1x 5” LCD Touchscreen
1x Module Adapter

Lens Mounts:

1x PL Mount
1x Canon Mount

Camera Power:

1x V-Dock Battery Plate
1x V-Dock Battery Plate Rear Mount
1x RED Brick Charger
4x RED Brick Batteries
1x Quad Battery Module
6x REDVOLT Batteries
2x REDVOLT Charger
2x A/C Power Supplies


1x LCD Cable 5"
1x LCD Cable 7"
1x LCD Cable 12"

Camera Hardware:

1x Top Plate
1x Bottom Shim Plate
1x Side Rib w/ REDMOTE Mount
1x Top Handle
1x Element Technica Hybrid Bridge Plate
1x Set 15MM Rods @ 12"
1x Set 15MM Rods @ 24"
2x RED Arms

Media Kit:

2x SSD Card Reader RED Station
2x A/C Power Supply RED Station
1x Box Misc. Computer Cables


1x Viewfactor Remote ON-OFF
1x 30' Extension Cable Remote

Red One Kit

RED One MX Kit - $500:

MX Sensor Body:

1x Break Out Box
1x Top Handle
1x Eyepiece Support System with 2 Extensions
1x Nikon Lens Mount
1x Toe Piece
1x Case ECM
1x Body Cap
2x 12" Rods , 15MM
1x SSD Module


1x RED Charger
1x A/C Power Cable
4x RED Brick Batteries
1x RED Battery 'V' Plate w/ Attached Cable
1x A/C Power Adapter for MX


1x RED Arms
1x Cable Kit
2x EVF Cable
1x 2' Remote Cable
1x ON-OFF Switch, Viewfactor


4x 64 GB SSD Cards

Petroff Matte Box Kit:

1x Petroff 2 Stage Matte Box
2x 4x5.65 Filter Trays

Pancro Filters Kit:

1x Pancro ND, 3, 6, 9 (4x5.65)


Follow-Focus IV Kit - $50:

1x ARRI Follow Focus 4
1x ARRI Follow Focus Gear, 24 Teeth, 8MM
1x ARRI Follow Focus Gear, X Teeth, 6MM
1x Follow Focus Wheel
1x Dumb Side Follow Focus Wheel
1x Follow Focus Whip, 12"
1x Follow Focus Extension Offset
3x Marking Disc

Monitor Kit - $100:

1x RED LCD On-Board Monitor
1x Panasonic 17" Monitor w/ B&C Cables
& Power Cable
Additional monitors available.

Petroff Matte Box Kit - $50:

1x Petroff 2 Stage Matte Box
2x 4x5.65 Filter Trays

Pancro Filters Kit - $25:

1x Pancro ND, 3, 6, 9 (4x5.65)


Arri MB-18 Matte Box - $100

Swing away matte box comes with 2x sliding trays and 1x geared tray - all 3 are vertical 4x5.65 format. 

Arri Mb-18

MB-18 Filters - $200/full kit or $20/each

1x 4x5.65 Clear
1x 138mm True Pola (inclu. MB16-19 ring)
1x 4x5.65 Platinum IRND .3
1x 4x5.65 Platinum IRND .6
1x 4x5.65 Platinum IRND .9
1x 4x5.65 Platinum IRND 1.2
1x 4x5.65 Platinum IRND 1.2
1x 4x5.65 Platinum IRND 1.5
1x 4x5.65 Platinum IRND 1.8
1x 4x5.65 ND.3 SEH
1x 4x5.65 ND.6 SEH
1x 4x5.65 ND.3 HEH
1x 4x5.65 ND.6 HEH
1x 4x5.65 CTB 1/8
1x 4x5.65 CTB 1/4
1x 4x5.65 CTB 1/2
1x 4x6.5 True-Streak Blue 2mm
2x 4x5.65 vertical SE ND.3
2x 4x5.65 vertical SE ND.6
1x 4x5.65 S/FX 1/2
1x 4x5.65 S/FX 1
1x 4x5.65 S/FX 2


Camera Support & Rig

Jib Arm - $50

1x GLV Pro Mini Boom Jib Arm - 8'
1x Hi-Hat 100mm Ball for Miller Head 

Doorway Dolly - $50

1x Doorway Dolly
2x 8' sections of Matthews Track

Speedwheels - $75

Cineslider - $225 

4ft "The Original Slider" Cineslider 


Mitchell Hi-Hat & Low-Hat - $25/each

1x Mitchell Hi-Hat mounted on board
1x Mitchell Low-Hat mounted on board

Carbon Fibre Miller Tripod Kit - $100

1x Carbon FIbre Miller Legs (100lbs, 2 stage, 100mm ball head)

Miller 55 Arrow Tripod Kit - $100

1x Miller 55 Arrow Fluid Head (50lbs payload, +90 > -90 Degree Tilt, 110mm ball)
1x Hi-Hat 100mm Bowl for Miller Head
1x Dovetail Plate O'Conner 25/75 Sliding Plate - Element Technica
1x Mitchell to 100mm Ball Adapter Plate

Ronford Tripod Kit - $100

1x Ronford Standard Legs
1x Ronford Baby Legs
1x Spreader



PL Mount RED Pro Primes - $350:

18MM F1.8
25MM F1.8
35MM F1.8
50MM F1.8
85MM F1.8
100MM F1.8

Canon AF Lenses - a la carte:

16-35MM F2.8
24-70MM F2.8
50MM F1.4
85MM F1.2
100MM F2.8 (macro)
70-200MM F2.8
35MM F1.4
17-40MM F4
20MM F2.8
24MM F2.8
28MM F2.8
24-70MM F2.8
70-200MM F2.8
16-35MM F2.8
50MM F1.2
200MM F2.8
300MM F2.8
400MM F2.8

Nikon AF Lenses - a la carte:

17-35MM F2.8
28-80MM F2.8
80-200MM F2.8
20MM F2.8
(other lenses available upon request)


Lens Baby Nikon Mount
Bellows Macro Nikon

High-Res Stills Cameras & Kits

Our high-res stills packages are provided by CM&P. All kits always go out with a fully loaded MacPro workstation, a laptop support package plus a camera format of your choice.

80MP - Phase DF+ Camera system with a Phase IQ180 digital back

60MP - Phase DF+ Camera system with the Phase IQ260 digital back

22MP - Canon 5DMK3 System

18MP - Canon 1Dx System

36MP - Nikon D800E System 

Full CS6 cloud, DaVinci, CaptureOne, Lightroom, R3D, AlexaDM, SPP, AvidMC, FCP, Premier. Backup cameras, lenses, digital backs, towers, laptops and rental hard drives for data transfer can be provided as required.

Call us for more info.

Phase IQ180 DF+ Kit - $650

1x IQ180 back
1x DF+ Body
1x Vertical Grip
1x 45mm f2.8
1x 55mm LS f2.8
1x 80mm LS f2.8
1x 110mm LS f2.8
1x 75-150mm LS f4.5
5x batteries, 1x charger
AA battery kit, 12 cells, 1 charger

Additional lensing: 28MM, 35MM, 120MM, 150MM, 240MM
*1Q260 digital back can be subbed in if needed

As a kit with a workstation and tech $1500
Kit Includes: Magliner or Roadcase Workstation.
JPEG res-out to your file specifics & 30 day
archive. Full TIFF res-out available.

35MM Cameras & Kits

Canon 5DMK3 Kit - $225:

1x 5DMK3 Body
1x 35MM f2.8
1x 50MM f1.2
1x 70-200MM f2.8
1x 24-70MM f2.8
12x batteries, 3x chargers
1x AC Adapter

Additional Camera Bodies available.

Additional lensing: 14MM, 17MM, 20MM, 28MM, 16-35MM, 24-105MM, 85MM

As a kit with workstation & tech $1100
Kit Includes: Data Capture Tech &
Magliner or Roadcase Workstation.
JPEG res-out to your file specifics & 30 day
archive. Full TIFF res-out available.

Canon 1Dx Kit - $350

1x 1Dx Body
1x 35MM f1.4
1x 50MM f1.2
1x 70-200MM f2.8
1x 24-70MM f2.8
3x batteries, 1x chargers

Additional lensing: 14MM, 17MM, 20MM, 28MM, 16-35MM, 24-105MM, 85MM

As a kit with workstation and tech $1225
Kit Includes: Data Capture Tech &
Magliner or Roadcase Workstation.
JPEG res-out to your file specifics & 30 day
archive. Full TIFF res-out available.

Nikon D800E Kit - $225:

1x D800E Body
1x 24MM f21.4
1x 35MM f1.4
1x 50MM f1.4
1x 24-70MM f2.8
3x batteries, 2x chargers

Additional lensing: 14-24MM, 20MM, 28MM, 85MM, 70-200MM

As a kit with workstation and tech $1100
Kit Includes: Data Capture Tech &
Magliner or Roadcase Workstation.
JPEG res-out to your file specifics & 30 day
archive. Full TIFF res-out available.

Monitor & Teleprompter Kits

Marshall On-Board Monitor - $50:

1x 5" 800x480 camera-top/portable field monitor with HDMI
1x HDMI Cable
1x Cinearm

Panasonic Kit - $150:

1x 17" Panasonic 1760 with MSE arm or 1700
with yoke bracket
1x Rolling stand
1x Portabrace monitor shade/bag
3x 50' BNC

Teleprompter Kit - $200:

1x ikan PT4000 20" Studio Teleprompter
Resolution: 1280 x 960


Motion Lighting


  • 12x 2K Spacelamps-Mole Richardson with silks & targets (no black skirts)
  • 1x ARRI T12 Fresnel (Complete) - set of 5 scrims and barn doors
  • 3x 220V T12 bulbs
  • 4x 5K ARRI Fresnel - 4x Packets set of 5 scrims
  • 2x 2K ARRI Fresnel - 2x Packets set of 5 complete scrims
  • 3x 2K Blonde ARRI & IANIRO - 2x Packets set of 5 complete scrims
  • 3x 1K Redhead ARRI & IANIRO
  • 7x 1 K Fresnel Mole Richardson - 2x Packets set of 5 1K scrims
  • 4x 650 Fresnel ARRI & Mole Richardsonx - 2x Packets set of 5 scrims
  • 2x 300W ARRI Fresnels - 2x Packets set of 5 scrims
  • 3x 1K Leko Lite (w/ assorted gobos)
  • 1x Chimera Lantern 1500W Socket Kit
  • 2x 4' X 4 Bank Kino Flo Kit
  • 1x Diva Light
  • 1x Joker 800 Kit
  • 1x Vista Beam 600 complete daylight & tungsten tubes
  • 1x Dedolight 150W single unit with built-in ballast


Motion Lighting

  • 1x Medium Quartz Plus Chimera Light Bank
  • 1x Large Chimera Pancake Bank
  • 1x 15 3/4" Ring Quartz Series
  • 1x 10 5/8" Ring Quartz Series
  • 1x Redhead RRing Quartz Series
  • 1x Med. 60 Degree Hard Honeycomb Grid
  • 1x Med. 90 Degree Hard Honeycomb Grid
  • 1x Joker 800 Pancake Ring

Power & Distro

Motion Lighting

  • 1x 4 AW (6 X 60 AMP) Distro Box
  • 1x Set of 5 Tee Caps
  • 4x 3 X 20 AMP Dief Boxes
  • 4x 50' Joy Cable
  • 4x 25' Joy Cable
  • 1x 50' 3 wire #2 AWG
  • 1x 25' 3 wire #2 AWG
  • 7x 50' 12/3 AWG A/C Cable
  • 26x 25' 12/3 AWG A/C Cable
  • 1x SOCA Male A/C Splays (6 plugs)
  • 1x SOCA Female A/C Splays (6 plugs)
  • 1x X 50' SOCA
  • 1x X 25' SOCA
  • 6x 1K Dimmers



Stands & Rigging

  • 1x Manfrotto Double Wind-Up Stand
  • 2x Sky High
  • 2x Jr. Sky High
  • 2x 5K Brace Stands, Triple Riser
  • 1x 2K Rocky Mountain Stand
  • 2x 2K Mole Low Boy Roller
  • 2x 2K Stills Ultra Lightweight Rollers
  • 23x 40 C-Stand Base with Head & Arm
  • 2x Baby C-Stand
  • 1x Extra Grip Head
  • 1x Extra C-Stand Arm
  • 12x 750 Lightweight Stand
  • 2x 750 Roller Stand
  • 2x 750 Mini-Preemie Stand
  • 3x 750 Baseplate
  • 1x 750 Manfrotto Mini-Boom Pole
  • 1x Super boom (articulating)
  • 3x Counterweight
  • 2x Ultra-Leightweight 750 Stills Stands
  • 4x Pole Cats
  • 5x Butt Plugs (2K-750 Adapters)
  • 4x Goal Posts (2K- Pipe Adapters)
  • 8x Cardellinni Clamps
  • 18x Mafer Clamps
  • 5x Long Mafer Spigots
  • 4x Short Mafer Spigots
  • 6x 2K Hangers
  • 5x 750 Hangers

Frames & Cloth

  • 4x 4' X 4' Solid Floppy Flags
  • 1x 4' x 4' Heat Flag
  • 6x 4' X 4' Aluminum Frames
  • 2x 4' x 8' Aluminum Frames
  • 3x 4' X 4' Shiny Boards Silver
  • 1x Mirror Board
  • 1x 2' X 2' Shiny Board Silver
  • 2x 4' X 8' Bamboola
  • 5x 24 X 36" Solid Flag
  • 2x 24 X 36" Double Scrim
  • 2x 24 X 36" Single Scrim
  • 2x 24 X 36" Silk Scrim
  • 1x 24 X 36" Empty Scrim
  • 1x 6x6' frame
  • 1x 8x8' frame
  • 1x 12x12' frame
  • 1x 12x20' frame
  • 1x 6'X 6' Bleached Muslin
  • 1x 6'X 6' Light Grid Cloth
  • 1x 8' X 8' Light Grid Cloth
  • 1x 8' X 8' Bleached Muslin
  • 1x 12' X 12' Bleached Muslin
  • 1x 12' X 12' Light Grid Cloth
  • 1x 12' X 20' Light Grid Cloth
  • 1x 12x Clay Coat (B/W)
  • 1x 20' X 20' Solid Black
  • 1x 15' X 20' Solid Black
  • 1x 7 X 20' Solid Black
  • 1x Bag 4' X 8' Duvetyne
  • 1x Bag Scraps Duvetyne (4 X 4' & less)
  • 1x 12' x 12' digi green
  • 1x 20' x 20' digi green


  • 17x #1 Small Clips
  • 26x #2 Medium Spring Clips
  • 8x #3 Large Spring Clips
  • 22x Safety Chains
  • 4x Sound Blankets
  • 12x Full Apple Boxes
  • 2x Half Apple Boxes
  • 4x Quarter Apple Boxes
  • 1x Box Wedges
  • 1x Box Shims
  • 1x Box Pads
  • 1x Box 2/4/6 Blocks
  • 31x Sandbags



Data Kits

Our data kits are provided by our friends at CM&P. We offer a variety of workstation configurations from multi-towers to laptops to suit your production needs and budget concerns - every package can be tailored to the requirements of your shoot. Our services range from basic data management to full on-set dailies for both stills and motion content.

Packages range from $225 - $550 depending on job requirements

On-Set Dailies

With our on-set dailies service, all your footage is backed up, primary graded, sync'd, and rendered to your editorial requirements. Our workstations sport 24" primary panels with additional 10Bit Flanders SDI displays. We're fully setup to run Epic, Alexa, C500, F5, Phantom and any other popular format.

Overnight dailies service is also offered for those productions where on-set service is not practical. General renders include audio sync, a primary grade, and multiple output deliverables. LTO's services are also available.

Contact us for pricing.

Video Assist Kits

All of our QTake Playback kits (single and multi cam) are expertly outfitted and include multi-camera sync playback, HD video mixing, chroma keying, industry standard Panasonic HD monitors, and more.


Still Accessories


2x 27" silver
1x 30" black/silver
2x 40" diffusion/shoot-through
1x 40" silver
1x 40" silver/black
1x 40" silver/diffusion
4x 5ft Photek white/diffusion/shoot-through (with sock)
1x 6ft silver/black

Transmitters & Cables:

5x Transceivers
2x Receivers
2x Peanut Slaves
x Speedo Sync Cable
2x Profoto Sync Cable
1x Cable Release
1x Remote release (by Wizard) for Canon
6x Single Phono to PC Cable


1x Large Chimera (4'x5.25')
1x Medium Chimera (3'x4' - no baffle)
1x Small Chimera
2x Large Speedotron (39"x28")
1x Large Strip Aurora Litebank (16"x72")
1x Small Chimera (27"x22" with grid)
1x Small Chimera Strip (32"x10")
1x XXS Chimera (12"x16" with grid)


1x Sekonic light meter
1x 580EXII on-camera Flash
1x Color Card


1x Large Rectangular Bounce gold/silver/ white/black/diffusion (72" x 40")
1x Medium "Litedisk" gold/white
1x Medium "Illuminator" silver/white
1x Small Bounce gold/silver/white/white-gold & diffusion (40")
1x Cube Light Box (24")
1x Beauty Dish (Profoto) with grid & sock
1x 36" Mola


Support Staff

Like smooth days on set? Hire our Crew! We can outfit your production with all the support staff needed to make it an awsome and fun production. We only work with the best.

* Grips & Electrics
* DIT & Data Capture Tech
* Audio Tech
* Craft Services
* P.A.s

* Camera Assistant/Focus Puller
* Telepromter Operator
* Art Department
* Stills Assistant



276 Sterling Rd.
Rear Building
Toronto, ON M6R 2B9

Studio (416) 928-6461
Maja (416) 908-9496 (mobile)
Michael (416) 427-1623


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